Board of Directors

(And other important people)

The Chevrolet Nomad Association is divided into three regions: the east region, the central region, and the west region. There are nine members on the board of directors, three from each region. A director’s term is for three years, after which he or she may run for re-election. Any member, with the signature of three current members, is eligible to run for the board. He or she must help plan convention by way of conference phone calls, be able to attend all conventions, help while at convention, and contribute to the day to day business of the club.

Directors East Region

Tom Roberts – Director

East Region Director

Lisa Moize – Director
& Membership Coordinator

East Region Director

Greg McCollough –
Director – & President

East Region Director

Directors West Region

John Chambers- Director

West Region Director

Jim Crouch – Director

West Region Director

Bruce Martin - Director

West Region Director

Directors Central Region

Jack Taff -
Director & Webmaster

Central Region Director

Luke Miller -

Central Region Director

Terry Hardy –
Director– Vice-President

Central Region Director

Important People

Alanna Crouch -


Bill Macoubrie -
Finance Coordinator

Financial Officer

Bob Maline-
Convention Coordinator​

Convention Coordinator & Club Store

Marvin Van Blericom -
Judging Coordinator

Judging Director

Leslie Manning

CNA Post Editor