Nomad Specs

I have always liked the Tri-fives, and especially the Nomad and Bel Air hardtops. My wife and I have had a ’55 two door hardtop for a few years, and more recently also purchased a ’57 two door hardtop, but I continued to keep an eye out for a Nomad; preferably a ’55.

I became aware of a couple of ’56 Nomads within the last couple of years, but the 3 C’s combination — of cost, condition and color combination just didn’t work out. Finally, earlier this year after many years of looking I came across the right mix for me… a ’55 with an updated drive train, a color combination that my wife and I find very appealing. That led to a trade of the ’57 Bel Air for the Nomad (that is why the license plate on the Nomad refers to “57”- a license plate transfer).                                                                                                         

So, now we joined the club and I just wish it would have all come together in time for us to be at the convention this year with the Nomad. Maybe Chattanooga next year!

                                                       Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the Nomad– exterior and interior                                                        

The Nomad is a 350 with a 350 automatic and vintage air conditioning. It has all original sheet metal and was restored and updated several years ago by the previous owner. I have the gravel guard and rocker trim that I plan to add, and I also have the bumper guard end pieces to add to the front and rear bumpers (other than the grille guard – I don’t have that), so I may add those too. I have seen a couple of ‘55’s with the bumper guard ends and leaving the middle guards without the grille guard and I think that is a pretty good look.



Haahn, Mike & Amy